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Though my home computing needs seemed simple at first, there were a lot of hidden complexities that presented themselves as we got more adept at using computers. Sharing files and folders, mobile devices, My Wii, Network printing, and making sure everything is backed up and recoverable, Just to name a few. OB1 made a comprehensive plan to address all of the present day issues that we had in our home and systematically addressed the issues. Everything is now working, and everything is preserved daily in case of failure. They have also setup an “offsite” automatic backup in case of something like a fire, flood or theft.
Their techs have also really made it easy to take full advantage of the features of our existing equipment (TV, DVR, Mobile devices, iPad) that we were not deriving any benefit from. These guys are very good to know !
Date of Posting: 27 October 2010
Posted By: Karen M.
I am an attorney in NYC, and we rely greatly on our home computer system, both for my work, and for my wife’s writing and correspondence. OB1 put together a system for us that serves our needs perfectly. The setup is simple and reliable, and has been working very well for years. It automatically preserves all of our important information with no interaction from us. The owner of the company, Peter O’Brien has always made sure that we were well taken care of, and I thank him, and OB1 for their support and advice.
Date of Posting: 27 October 2010
Posted By: Sydney R.
OB1 has been servicing and supporting our firm for more than 15 Years, with all of the horror stories that I hear about viruses, and windows crashing from my colleagues, I have not felt any of those things in my business. These guys have created a situation for me where I have had almost no downtime in the 15 Years that we have worked together. In addition to our office networks and servers, OB1 has provided excellent and caring work to my family in our residences, including phone systems, and computer systems, training, and support.
All in all I could not have a better recommendation.
Date of Posting: 27 October 2010
Posted By: Solomon M.
I have owned and operated a dog daycare business called The Wagging Tail for over 15 years in Manhattan, one of the first in fact. OB1 has helped me in numerous ways to facilitate growth and stability in my business. They helped me get live feeds on my website so that my customers could check in on their pets during the day, this gave me an incredible competitive advantage over my competition. They setup my site and live feeds, and my customers LOVED IT !. We have recently relocated to Worth Street in Tribeca, OB1 created a situation for us where no phone calls would be lost during this huge transition and the move, so they created a temporary virtualized phone system for us, this system handled incoming customer calls and routed them as we needed during the move. OB1 also designed and implemented our entire footprint at 77 Worth Street, our Integrated IP Telephone System, Apple server and Gigabit Cisco network, Collaboration server, Full overhead sound and touch panel A/V system throughout our three floors. There are Eight different businesses in our facility, and OB1 has played a major role in the design and development of all of them. They have done a stellar job and we have had no noticeable downtime for over 3 years.
Date of Posting: 27 October 2010
Posted By: Keith D.
We were trudging through the world of Microsoft Windows, and having no fun, or productivity with our home computer system. OB1 put together a solution that would allow us a computer at home, and a computer for “on the go”, where our information would be automatically backed up every hour. They came over and migrated all of our photos, music,documents, and information to the new Apple system, and made sure that everything was easily accessible, and working well. We are still having occasional struggles with technology in general, but thankfully not with the computer system. Everything has been running smoothly, Thanks OB1.
Date of Posting: 27 October 2010
Posted By: Dr. Mehmet K.
My computing situation was pretty bad when I met the guys at OB1. I had a PC laptop, and an Apple Macbook that was on it’s last leg, but it happened to be running my veterinary practice software. OB1 helped me consolidate all of my information, and setup my Practice Management software onto a new, reliable Macbook Pro. My Practice Management software is now running smoothly, my information is now being backed up automatically, and all of my PC and Apple files and information reside in one, manageable place. Also my tutoring sessions with them have been very helpful, We usually start with a list of questions I have, and then when those are answered we would cover a few new concepts for me to take away with me.
Date of Posting: 27 October 2010
Posted By: Dr. Marcie F
OB1 has really helped me move forward with my personal technology. They have made it very comfortable for me to enjoy the benefits of new devices and this constant technical evolution that we seem to be part of. My phone and computer systems are now very stable, and are fully backed up to avoid any loss. I am connected to my information, (contacts, documents, music and images) in an easy and intuitive way, which helps me tremendously in my work, and in my travels. Thanks guys for all of your help and advice.”
Date of Posting: 27 October 2010
Posted By: Dr. Paul Pellicci

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